Bamboo Fundraising Recruitment is a specialist agency, placing only the highest performing fundraisers into ambitious, high growth teams. We veer away from a mass marketing, high volume approach and focus on working in partnership with a select few clients so that we can offer an executive search level of service.

Our concentrated approach allows us to really get to know your charity and your team to get a real understanding of exactly what specific experience, insight, and skills you need. We then act as ambassadors for you, helping you reach out to the most effective fundraisers out there.

If the kind of fundraiser you’re looking for really exists, then we’ll find them for you. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, we offer expert advice on how you might best grow your team, and even provide skills gap analysis where needed.

Meet the team

Graham Drew
Graham DrewFounding Director

I’d be quite comfortable saying that I’m the most successful visually impaired, fundraising focused Recruitment Consultant in London. I’ll admit that the nomination list probably wasn’t very long, but it’s good to be the best at something.

With over 13 long years racked up in the recruitment world, I’ve seen this job done well, I’ve seen this job done badly, I’ve seen it done for money and I’ve seen it done for passion. I’ve learned a lot from some truly great consultants at some of the best companies in the sector, but I’ve also come to realise that the recruitment industry hasn’t really changed since the 80’s and it’s not delivering the best service it possibly can to a sector that I love.

Harnessing some innovative technologies, combining it with extensive sector knowledge and an approach that sees us working on a really small number of roles, and working them diligently, we’re able to deliver an executive search level service for roles that are usually marketed using a high volume, mass marketing approach.

When I’m not writing rambling bios about “the state of recruitment in this country,” I like to eat at fancy restaurants, try (badly) to recreate the dishes in my own kitchen and wander around my small London garden as if I were inspecting my country estate.

Tim Barnes
Tim BarnesFounding Director

Unlike most recruitment consultants I have a degree in Oceanography. Like all other recruitment consultants, I never really wanted to be a recruitment consultant.

But failing to get on to the NASA grad scheme, despite my excellent knowledge of plate tectonics and sea horses, I spent my twenties grinding the well-oiled mass recruitment machine for two high volume, high profit agencies.

I look back now with genuine bewilderment as to how I found the inspiration to get out of bed. Far from placing candidates we were chucking them by the dozen with all the accuracy of a BP press release. A BP press release rushed to release by oppressive targets and call quotas.

It was the move to working with candidates and clients in the non-profit sector that changed everything. My role as a recruiter shifted from the hellish grind of mass mailshots, and high volume drop and run placements, to a chance to artfully place high-achievers on ethical projects that were crying out for their specific skills. Like someone taking their foot off my face, my weary eyes were finally opened to an industry of compassionate and energized individuals who dedicated their working lives to actual causes and had the actual expertise to make a real difference

Beyond just meeting candidates and clients, really getting to know each of them respectively I found that the match-making became addictive in quality, not just quantity. However long it took, I knew I could find the exact sort of fundraiser my clients wanted, and where their expectations were less realistic than a Beatles reunion, I would never over promise.

Honing this slowed-down personal approach over the years, I joined forces with my Bamboo compatriots to bring this viable alternative approach to market. Meticulous and considered, we learnt our ethics from our industry, and our approach is a genuine pleasure to undertake so we would love to hear from any fundraisers looking to land their dream role, or clients looking to grow their team (and their funds!) with the best candidates out there.

RickyJunior Consultant

With 5 years in recruitment and 6 years of guide dog experience under my belt, I’m certainly one of the more junior members of the team. But being in full-time employment before my 7th birthday shows that I’m nothing if not industrious, combined with the fact that I’ve got charm for days, I’m a force to be reckoned with.

With my duties essentially involving getting Graham to meetings, stopping Graham walking in front of cars, stopping Graham falling off ledges and generally keeping Graham alive, I’m a fundamental cog in the Bamboo machine. Sometimes I chase cats, sometimes I walk Graham into lampposts, but I’m only young and I’m keen to learn.

I’m enthusiastic, driven and don’t plan to retire until I’m at least 10, so you know that I’m in it for the long haul. If you have me on side for your recruitment project, I promise to charm all candidates and to disrupt the first 5 minutes of every meeting – that’s a Ricky guarantee.

In my spare time, I like to chase my tail until I hit my head on the coffee table, chew up paper tissues and bark at my own reflection.