The Diocese* of Salisbury is the seventh largest of 42 Dioceses within the Church of England. Spanning 2,000 square miles, it’s home to 459 parishes that look after 574 places of worship across the southwest of England. It’s also home to 195 Church of England schools, which cater for 41,000 children.

If that wasn’t enough, the Diocese also works with its church community to raise funds for a number of environmental, social welfare, mental health and social justice causes.

In short, the diocese looks after a lot of people, does a lot of good, and is essential to the communities it operates in.

No rest for the wicked

The Diocese has three key strategic aspirations over the next five years:

1. To increase vocations to ordained ministry by 60% over the next 10 years

They want to do this by providing comprehensive online and in-person training opportunities to encourage uptake.

2. Looking after the mental wellbeing of their ministers and volunteers

In many of their parishes, there are concerns around funding – both for the sustainability of church buildings, and ever-increasing running costs. The Diocese want to ensure the financial burden doesn’t affect the mental wellbeing of their clergy, parishioners and volunteers, by offering specialised training and support to improve their parish support services and streamline parish administration.

3. Implement a successful giving strategy

The parish share (the amount of money that each parish is asked to contribute to keep the Churches running) funds a lot of the work the Diocese does. But, in the light of COVID (and the subsequent growth of online worship), they need to find other ways of raising money to meet the ever-rising costs of ministry and mission.

Featured Job

The Diocese of Salisbury is on the hunt for a talented Giving Advisor to help them raise funds to continue their vital work. If you’re an experienced fundraiser and system builder, who thrives on collaborative working, you could be the answer to their prayers.

The role

Giving Advisor

  • £39,843 – £43,382
  • Location: Church House in Salisbury, and home-working
  • Director of Finance and Asset Management
  • Permanent with flexible working
  • 35 hours a week

What you’ll be doing

This is a meaty and exciting role. You’ll work with their Inspiring Giving Working Group to develop and implement a Giving strategy across the Diocese, to increase voluntary income. You’ll also create a bank of resources to equip church leaders to communicate the importance of giving to their parishioners.


  • Flexible working hours
  • 15% pension, rising to 18% if you contribute 3%
  • 24 days holiday (plus bank holidays)

If the role sounds heavenly, help the Diocese fight the good fight by applying today. This friendly bunch of good Samaritans are keen to get started. So, if you’re interested, don’t delay. Give us a call to discuss the role on 020 3750 3111.

*Diocese: A group of parishes in a geographical area that’s overseen by a bishop