You may or may not be aware that Virgin Money’s fundraising website, Virgin Money Giving, is closing permanently on 30th November 2021.

The decision was made following a strategic review of the platform ahead of Virgin Money’s final sponsorship of the London Marathon in October 2021. The company stated that: “Given the significant investment required in the service for it to remain competitive, and without the brand exposure provided by the London Marathon, Virgin Money has decided to wind down the platform after the 2021 London Marathon in October”.

Virgin Money Giving is a popular fundraising platform. As a result of it closing, charities are having to find new online fundraising partners to work with.

But with so many to choose from, how do you find the right one for your cause?

If you’ve used Virgin money Giving and are on the market for a new fundraising platform, here are 5 things to consider:

1. Does the platform charge a fee?

High fees can make or break your fundraising efforts, so you’ll want to look at the different platform and payment processing fees when choosing a platform.

Some fundraising websites charge a subscription in addition to the platform and/or payment processing fees. Though the fees might be higher, they offer additional features to make the cost worth it. Other sites offer lower platform fees to offset the upfront cost.

This handy article by Charity Digital will give you the lowdown on the fees of some of the most popular platforms.

2. Do humans manage the customer service?

In an ideal world, the site will run flawlessly and you won’t need to contact customer support at all. But if you run into a technical problem that needs fixing fast, there’s nothing worse than a bot, or automated response informing you that you’ll get a response ‘in 3-5 working days.’

The best fundraising platforms will have humans on hand to deal with customer service issues when they arise. Check before signing on the dotted line!

3. Is the platform user friendly?

The last thing you want is for donors to decide against donating as they have to jump through hoops to make a donation.

Go through the process yourself. Is the platform easy and quick to use? If not, stay well clear.

4. Does the platform have a mobile app?

Over a quarter (28%) of UK consumers would rather make a charitable donation via their mobile phone than via traditional methods, so make sure your chosen platform has a good mobile app. This also makes it easy for people to donate on-the-go.

5. Can you create team fundraising projects?

Sharing fundraising responsibilities with a group of friends and family can ease stress and make the experience more collaborative, but not all fundraising platforms offer a team feature. It’s a good idea to check before committing.

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