How recruitment-consultants describe charities…

//How recruitment-consultants describe charities…

How recruitment-consultants describe charities…

In possibly one of the most niche blogs ever dreamed up I decided to take a look at the different adjectives used to describe charities by recruitment consultants who are looking for fundraisers in Greater London.

I decided to only look at the precis of the advert which comes up on the various job boards commonly used (usually the first couple of lines of the advert).

So, if the advert takes the form of the classic ‘Are you an experienced X and have you done Y? Then we have the job for you!’ format, the detail on the charity is probably buried in the main body of the advert and it would take all day to load them all up and read them to say nothing of how interminable it would be.

Fortunately, of the jobs currently advertised by agencies 65 use the ‘we are working with an [INSERT ADJECTIVE HERE] charity’ format and here are the results:

So, half of all recruitment agencies are using one of the ‘big three’, leadingexciting and rather surprisingly the fairly uninspiring ‘well known’ with leading taking up a whopping 28% of all adverts.

In the interest of transparency we’re guilty of this as well, of the 9 jobs we’ve currently got advertised there are two fantastic’s and a leading….

The point of this was to see whether adverts were as recruitment adverts are as repetitive as I suspected they might be and it seems for every inspiringamazing and fabulouscharity (as perceived by recruitment consultants) there are three leading ones.

My conclusion? I think I’ll head to before posting my next advert.

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