Tenuously Fundraising

//Tenuously Fundraising

Tenuously Fundraising

I have been sat staring at this cursed blinking caret (I literally had no idea that’s what the text cursor is called…… add that to your pub quiz brain bank) trying to figure out how to crowbar some kind of fundraising analogy below this picture.

I got stuck on something about some fundraisers being like dogs, “they greet everyone, love to be out there making friends and bringing them into the fold,” and some fundraisers being like cats, “they’re independent thinkers, constantly testing and experimenting, trying to figure out how things work.”

I planned to end on some sort of laboured point about cats and dogs working together to make the world a better place.

But it all just looked like what it was, a man trying to shoehorn a picture of his dog (Ricky) and cat (MoonCake) looking cute together into a blog post.

If honesty is the best policy, there it is. Here is a picture of my cat and my dog in the most tenuously fundraising related blog ever written.

Let us know if you’re a fan and perhaps I’ll set up some sort of Ricky and MoonCake Corner. Or don’t let us know, because I’m likely to do it anyway.

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