#4 Correlation Corner – Fundraising vs Hair-raising

//#4 Correlation Corner – Fundraising vs Hair-raising

#4 Correlation Corner – Fundraising vs Hair-raising

With the year’s most pointless holiday (for the over 10’s demographic anyway) upon us once again I thought I’d dredge up some more tenuous associations from Google Trends that look at meaningless correlations in the fundraising sector for the fourth instalment of Correlation Corner…


So, it turns out there aren’t too many Halloween associated keywords that show much correlation with fundraising, but I did finally find one in ‘hair-raising’:



Red: Fund raising

Blue: Hair raising


So, you won’t be surprised to see that ‘hair raising’ hits its peak of popularity right at the end of October and then drops of a cliff as a search term.


Fundraising follows shortly after, reaching the Christmas low and January high discussed in previous episodes.


After which there is very little correlation until the start of July when they suddenly and unequivocally become inversely correlated for the first week of the month.


It’s worth noting that this graph is only true of the last 12-months, and the only thing of note (according to Wikipedia anyway) that happened during that week is that North Korea successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile.


If anything, I would have thought that people would be frantically be searching for how to give to CND but it’s also undoubtedly a hair-raising situation, and clearly the latter won out as a search term.


The one thing that lends any other iota of credibility to this theory is that on July 7th The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (thanks again Wikipedia) was ratified by 122 states, after which normal service was resumed until another hair-raising spike around the date of North Koreas sixth nuclear test.


There’s another slight inverse correlation with fundraising showing a big spike in conjunction with minor a drop in hair-raising that coincides with the total solar eclipse, just a coincidence? Absolutely.


Stay tuned for the next instalment of correlation corner…

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